About SDC Turkey

About SDC Turkey

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Solution Delivery Center (SDC Turkey) is the Global IT Solutions Center, which was established in the framework of Daimler's global IT strategy, as part of  Mercedes-Benz Otomotiv ve Hizmetler A.Ş. in Istanbul.

Mercedes-Benz brand owner, Daimler AG, positioned Turkey as a global information technology base at the end of 2013. Within this strategy, Global IT Solutions Center (SDC Turkey) has been established in Istanbul as one of the first global IT investments of Daimler AG.

Originally founded as a 30-person support unit to serve Daimler units in Europe, with increased customer satisfaction and confidence, it has turned into a customer-focused global solution center at the end of 2015 to meet customer expectations. SDC Turkey achieved a large scale organizational growth and employs 380 people today.

The organization is responsible for the implementation of the SAP systems in Turkey, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region and is also responsible for the rollout of SAP / non-SAP applications to the entire world. In this context, SDC Turkey successfully provides solutions to more than 40 countries worldwide from Australia to Thailand, from Germany to Japan.

Having achieved significant success since its establishment, SDC Turkey continues investing in the young workforce potential in Turkey and creating rich career opportunities. SDC Turkey plans to continue recruitments in the upcoming years and achieve significant organizational growth.